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Starring:  Tori Black

When you have a dirty mind like me, your always thinking of ways to be kinky! My fuck friend fell asleep early and I wanted to make a sexy video with him first thing in the morning, so I set up a video camera and waited for him to wake up. Sure enough, first thing in the morning I was up to no good! I gave him a surprise wake up call by sucking his dick. What a great way to wake up, eh? I licked and gobbled and sucked until he was almost ready to blow his load. . .then I took it away for a little bit just to tease him. You should have seen the look on his face! Of course I finished him off, and when I did he almost blew the windows out of the house!


Tori Black
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Tori and Tony
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Tori Black
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Tori Black
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Tori and Jesse Capelli
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